TensorFlow Blog Contribution Notice
februára 17, 2022
The TensorFlow Blog (the “Blog”) provides an opportunity for selected community members to contribute content and make it publicly available on the Blog - for example, by sharing a Blog post that a community member wrote.

All content contributed to the Blog is governed by this Contributions Notice, along with the Google Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy. Please carefully review them before contributing content.

You agree that the Blog may display a byline next to contributions, like blog posts, to identify the contributor(s), their association(s), and their social media page(s). The Blog may also display icons or colors to reflect if content was contributed by Google (including TensorFlow) or others in the community. Google does not endorse or own content contributed by others in the community. Google reserves the right to take down, add, edit, or share content contributed by others in the community.

We may update this Contribution Notice from time-to-time. If you don’t agree with the new notice, you can ask Google to remove your contribution from Blog or stop using the services. You are under no obligation to provide content to the Blog or use the services.

As a community member, you may report content you find inconsistent with this Contributions Notice, the Google Terms of Service, or Community Guidelines. Please report suspected violations to the TensorFlow team: tensorflow-blog@google.com.